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Take up the cause

Thanks to The Anchor for its two summertime articles keeping alive the issue of Verizon. Citizens must now take up the cause if Harpswell is to obtain reliable 21st-century communication capability.

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Never Not Amazed: What, me worry?

Watching “Stranger Things” made me question some of my life choices and I’m worried that I managed myself out of a lucrative career. “Stranger Things” hits all the fear buttons: slimy, crawly things; a dystopian dimension; Cold War intrigue; and supernatural predators consuming minds and bodies. Kids and misfits are the heroes. It’s gory, terrifying, and redemptive.

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Harpswell Naturalist: Insect invasion

Pete was lunching along the shore of Cobscook Bay near Lubec, enjoying a fine view. Suddenly he felt a sharp sting, then another. Pete noticed tiny red ants crawling up his legs, clearly with painful intentions. He brushed them off, wondering what triggered the attack.

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Property tax freeze for seniors

The August tax mailing includes a notice of a new state law that exempts certain property owners from future tax increases. All residential property owners over 65 who have owned a qualifying homestead for 10 years can apply for this tax relief program annually. It went into effect Aug. 8 and those who wish to apply have until Dec. 1 to do so.

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Maine, memories and delicious food

In the July issue, I was pleased to read about Kathy and Sheldon Morse and their new dining venture at Henry Allen’s Seafood. I have been a customer of the Morses since the summer of ’00, when I stumbled into their newly opened lobster shack on Morse’s Wharf at the end of Morse Shore Road.

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Lost on a Loop Trail: So b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

I bring a trash bag when I take my dog for walks along Cundy’s Harbor Road. Once I found a giant empty Rubbermaid trash can in the ditch. I used that moment to teach my dog situational irony. Another time I found an iPhone that, by the looks of it, had spent the entire winter in suspended animation. It turned out to be permanent suspended animation.

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Eager to help neighbors

When Harpswell Aging at Home was created seven years ago, one of the biggest concerns expressed by survey respondents was the ability to get routine repair and maintenance done on their homes. In response, one of HAH’s foundational offerings was the Home Repairs Team, a collection of about two dozen people (of which I am one) committed to helping Harpswell’s neighbors stay in their homes for as long as possible.

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Never Not Amazed: Crows and the future of flying

When I see too many birds gathered in one place, I think of Tippi Hedren in the phone booth. “The Birds” and real-life bird experiences have left a mark. I remember childhood beach days at Reid State Park. An open cooler was a beacon to seagulls and it was hard to tell if they wanted to steal my PB&J or make an appetizer of my arm.

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