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Angie’s roll retains flavor

Angie’s Maine roll has a lot of lobster meat and retains much lobster flavor. The sauce comes in a package; you can add mayo at home if you prefer mayo. I will get the Connecticut style next time. The drive-thru is quick; you order by speaker and pay by card, then pull ahead.

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I want my freedom back

It’s 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26. I just got back to our little town of Harpswell from downtown Brunswick. It was a wasted trip today. Brunswick Home and Garden? Closed. Nest? Closed. The dry cleaner? Closed. Fleet Feet? Closed. Hannaford? Closed.

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Kids deserve better

When I was growing up, our biggest fear was the atom bomb and we had some classroom exercises to get under our desks should it happen, which actually was rather a joke. And the biggest joke is we are the ones who dropped the atom bomb.

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Nature Notes: Jumping worms

Just when it is safe to go outdoors without fear of browntail moth caterpillars or disease-bearing mosquitos, along comes more bad news. While this new pest will not harm you directly, it damages the environment around you, and if you are a gardener, there is no joy in this article.

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Thinking in Public: Let’s go to town

Nearly every week we spend time with a couple of like-minded folks who suffer my public behavior as though it were normal. By like-minded, I mean we mostly drive to town in search of some cheap food in an atmosphere quiet enough to have an actual conversation about our doctor visits.

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Critical part of answer to housing insecurity

I have read with interest the Anchor’s recent coverage of conversations about a Short-term Rental Policy Task Force, and the efforts of the Affordable Housing Working Group. As Harpswell’s residents describe diminishing community cohesion and an uncertain future, I want our Harpswell neighbors to know that Tedford Housing’s programs are a critical part of the answer to local housing insecurity.

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Lost on a Loop Trail: How do I look?

My wife and I are in a dressing room at Macy’s. I am wearing a mint green shirt covered with paddleboards. “You think I can wear this to work?” “Paddleboards are cool,” Ally says. “And you can wear this untucked with a navy blue T-shirt underneath.”

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Never Not Amazed: What is Halloween anyway?

Did a coven of nutritionists invent bobbing for apples? Only powerful witchcraft could convince people to dunk their heads in a bucket of water swirling with the oily lip balm, sweat, saliva and snot of every stranger who already bobbed — all to come up with an apple. An apple!

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