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Thinking in Public: On being quiet

About every 20 minutes or so growing up, my mother would tell me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” It’s not likely that her mother had to tell her that, so I think she heard other moms use that old nugget on their kids and jumped on the wagon.

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Clash of cultures

First, I want to commend the Harpswell Anchor for publishing the article about the firing of the longtime librarian at the Orr’s Island Library. While I suspect that much may not be known of that situation, I’d like to present my 2 cents on the issue.

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A good man

I wanted to pay a tribute to a very well-known man. On Oct. 12, Jack Eldridge passed in Florida. As you all know, he owned Eldridge’s General Store from 1978-2011.

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Running for school board

My name is Gregory Greenleaf. I’m a public high school English teacher, have lived with my wife and children in Harpswell for 12 years, and am running for the Maine School Administrative District 75 school board.

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Preserving our lobstering heritage

When Maine’s lobster industry looks back on 2022, we’ll likely remember the challenges — high bait and fuel prices, low dock prices, shortages of marine supplies, and a complicated legal challenge that threatens to end the fishery as we know it.

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Library Connections: Choosing your preferences

You walk into a hardware store and ask for a screwdriver. The clerk points to a small array. “Where are your cordless ones?” “We don’t have any. The standard ones are plenty good.” You’ll walk out thinking, “Well, that place was quaint, but they didn’t have many options.”

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Never Not Amazed: Announcing the year of …

I’m disingenuous about New Year’s resolutions, so I quit making them a long time ago. In the very moment I’d vow to lose weight, exercise more, cook nutritious meals with joy, and somehow be a better person, generally or specifically, my inner voice mocked my earnest intentions and I knew I’d never follow through.

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Disappointment and disbelief

I read the article “Longtime Orr’s librarian out as board pursues new vision” with deep disappointment and disbelief. The Orr’s Island Library has become the Harpswell institution I love most in the five years I have lived here.

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Lugging the Anchor inland

Your recent email mentioned that you wanted news of events from nonprofit organizations. I have one upcoming: my 75th birthday. Since retiring, I have certainly become nonprofit, and I’m as organized as my wife can make me.

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