It takes a village!

The new Harpswell Anchor is published by Harpswell News, a soon-to-be nonprofit organization. We rely on tax-deductible gifts from individuals and organizations to support this new project. Thank you for joining so many other Harpswellians in helping to Raise the Anchor!

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You can also send a check to make your donation. We are in the process of attaining tax-deductible/nonprofit status from the IRS. This will take about a year to complete. In the meantime the Holbrook Community Foundation has generously agreed to serve as our “fiscal sponsor.” That means that we can accept tax-deductible gifts to our project through their established nonprofit. Checks are made directly to HCF (see sample image below) which forwards the funds to us to pay for our project expenses.

Checks may be sent to:

Harpswell News

P.O. Box 448

Harpswell, ME  04079


Because we a fiscally-sponsored news organization and operate under rules governing nonprofit news, we cannot accept anonymous gifts. For more information about why, click HERE

We publicly recognize our donors through alphabetical lists but do not disclose the amount of gift.