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Local news is vital to a healthy community.  Our mission at the Harpswell Anchor is to provide trusted local information to the people of Harpswell. As a not-for-profit news organization, we rely on donations from people like you to keep the paper going.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve been accepted into the national NewsMatch program. If you make your tax-deductible donation to our fall campaign by December 31, we’ll double your donation through matching funds from four local businesses and NewsMatch – up to $20,000.

A strong local paper brings our community together.  

Please support the Anchor by donating today.

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You can also send a check to make your donation. We are in the process of attaining tax-deductible/nonprofit status from the IRS. This will take about a year to complete. In the meantime the Holbrook Community Foundation has generously agreed to serve as our “fiscal sponsor.” That means that we can accept tax-deductible gifts to our project through their established nonprofit. Checks are made directly to HCF (see sample image below) which forwards the funds to us to pay for our project expenses.

Checks may be sent to:

Harpswell News

P.O. Box 448

Harpswell, ME  04079

Thanks to our matching sponsors:

NewsMatch is a national program supported by the Miami Foundation and the Institute for Independent News who have raised the matching funds from large organizations including the Knight Foundation, independenceMedia and the Democracy Fund.

“Having grown up in Harpswell, I feel it is important to have a means of communicating great local stories and events. I’m proud to be able to show my support.” -Ron Hutchins, Harpswell Realty 

“Our tradition of 60 years of doing business in this community is emotional for me. We are grateful for the support this town has given us, and this is another way we can give back to Harpswell.” -Duane Webber, R.A. Webber and Sons

“The new Anchor has done a great job in connecting all of us, and this is our way of saying thank you — and we hope others do, too.” -Laurie Haggerty, Roxanne York Real Estate

“We are honored to be a sponsor of the newly rebooted Harpswell Anchor and to be involved in this campaign. We hope that others join us and further strengthen the already strong sense of community here in Harpswell.” -Christopher Gardner, School House 1913 


Because we a fiscally-sponsored news organization and operate under rules governing nonprofit news, we cannot accept anonymous gifts. For more information about why, click HERE. We publicly recognize our donors through alphabetical lists but do not disclose the amount of the gift.

The Harpswell Anchor is brought to you by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. We are grateful for their support.

A list of donors and sponsors is below. Thank you!

Our donors:

Lynn Anderson
Brandon Andrusic
Jean Arcangeli
Flora Arndt
Rachel and Stephen Arnold
George and Alice Bangs
Suzanne Bakewell and Mark Blondman
Greg and Donna Barmore
Christy Barnes and Douglas Reiner
John R. and Kathaleen Bauer
Nancy and Arnold Bennett
Jim and Joyce Bessen
Greg Bestick and Christine Tomasino
William Bikales
Barbara Bishop
Evelyn Bolduc
Janene Boller
John Boomer
Elizabeth Bouve and Lee Johnson
Kathy Bowen
Sarah Brendler
Georgia Breyer
Dave Brown and Jane Covey
Nathaniel and Bing Brown
Tom and Janice Brudzinski
Nicole Bryant
Robert Bump
Buzz Burlock
William Byam
Elly and Charles Cary
Robin Casey and Lou Kimball
Elizabeth Childs
J. Curtis Chipman
Jean Chiquoine
Jane Clavet
Linda Clement
Roy and Nancy Cockburn
Lorna Cohen
Jane and Richard Collins
Lucy Cook
George Cookman
Jane Coolidge
Stephen and Judith Corson
Joyce Coughlan
Eugene and Jennifer Coughlin
Laura Crawford
Sean Crean
Ralph and Josie Davies
Dave and Lindsay Deinzer
Christine Donovan
Wendy and Gary Downes
Larry Doyon
Elizabeth and Arthur Dyer
James Elliott
Gisela and Paul Estes
Franci Vinal Farnsworth
Lorna and Jack Flynn
Thomas Foley
Jane Fox
Marta and Robert Frank
Karin Frazer
Robert and Elisabeth Freson
Dan and Kathy Frost
Sharon Funkhouser
Rebecca and Patrick Gallery
Andrew and Lori Gearhart
Pam and Don Giller
Ellen Glew
Hub and Kathy Goodrich
Ted and Barb Goulette
William Greenwood
William Grimes
Lilita Gusts
Jonathan Haddon
Lois and Doug Hale
Alan Hall
Sally Hammond
Maureen Harvey and Joe King
Kimberly Haynes and David Znamierowski
Connie Henry
Nancy Holler
Jeanne Howe
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hunter
Robert and Karin Jackson
Pem Johnson
Merrill Jones
Fred B. Jordan
Mylissa Kapela
Catherine Kelley
Ella Kimball
Paul and Linda Kittle
Suzanne and George Klacik
Russ and Julianna Kondratiuk
Karen and Tim Konicek
Nancy Kurtz
Carolle Lago
Mary Susan Leahy
Claire Levesque
Courtland and Barbara Lewis
Nancy and Robert Lopes
Diane Loughlin
Marie Lucca
Thomas Lunde
Adam and Susan Maffei
Grace March
Judy Marino
Nancy Marstaller
Joyce and Tim McCreight
Sandra and Stanley McCurdy
Bill and MaryEllen McEnroe
Lee McIlvaine
Richard McLaughry
Bill Mclin and Mac McKeon
Kathleen Menard
Christine Millar
Katherine Miller
Ann and Martin Mitchell
Sally and John Moulton
Mary Ann Nahf
Donna Nason
Peg Newberg
Laurel Newton
Douglas Nielson
Helen Norton
Sandra Norton
Bill Bergquist and Kathleen O’Donnell
Sharon and Kenneth Oehmig
Nancy Olson
Lili and John Ott
Richard and Barbara Pelley
Bill and Judy Perkins
Edward Perry and Cynthia Wood
June and Ed Phinney
Susan and Robert Pinette
James Pinfold
Robert Porter
Wendy Posner
Mose Price
Beverly Prosser Gelwick
Nat Pulsifer
Buffy and Joe Quinn
Lawrence Rakovan
Larry and Chris Reese
Helen Regan
Mark and Susan Reynolds
Ron and Sue Ribnik
Martha Richardson
Anne Robertson and Doug Meyer
Mary and Ed Robinson
Katherine Rollins
Irwin Rosenberg
Richard Rotnem
Denise Rousseau
Jeanie Rubio
Connie Sage Conner and Philip Conner
Linda Sage
Frank and Susan Sessions
Peter and Barbara Shaw
Sandra Shaw
Ellen Shillinglaw and Jeff Stann
Dorothy Sihvonen
Jay Sinnett
Janet Sitko
Adam and Joan Smith
Jim and Ruth Smith
Sarah Sparks
Diana St Jean
Liz and Bill Stamey
The Stebbins Family
James Stinnett
Jonathan Stinnett
Deirdre Strachan and Jose Mas
Beth Sugarman
Anne and David Taft
Eugene Taylor
Karen and Nils Tcheyan
Clyde Thomas
Janice Thompson and Jeremy Jones
Edward and Susan Toussaint
David Treworgy
Robert Umberger
Vincent and Susan Veligor
Thomas Vurgason
Jane and David Warren
Doug Warren and Pam Berry
Floyd and Noreen Whelpley
Dennis and Linda Wilkins
Kate Willeford
Delsa Wilson
Virginia Wright
Jenny and Mike Zagariello
Leslie Zales

Our sponsors:

Ackme Survey LLC
All Saints Chapel – Orr’s Island
Ash Cove Pottery
Bandstand by the Sea
Bath-Brunswick Respite Care
Black Sheep Wine and Beer
Bowdoin International Music Festival
Brunswick Test Prep
Covenant Agency
Crux Building Solutions
Elijah Kellogg Church
Engel & Volckers Real Estate
Finest Kind Boatyard
First Student
Fishmoon Yoga
Fuze Publishing
Gallery at Widgeon Cove
Great Island Kennel
Gun Point Cove Gallery
Harpswell Aging at Home
Harpswell Business Association
Harpswell Coastal Academy
Harpswell Community Theater
Harpswell Garden Club
Harpswell Heritage Apples
Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Harpswell Invasive Plant Partnership
Harpswell Neck Fire & Rescue
Harpswell Neck Physical Education Association
Harpswell Realty Group
Harpswell TV
Hays Cottages
Hays Harpswell Islands Oysters
Holbrook Community Foundation
Islands Community Church
John Libby Construction
Keith Field Goldsmith
Kenney Landscaping
Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty
Log Cabin Inn
Maine Encyclopedia
Mid Coast – Parkview Health
Northern Energy Services
Old Orr’s Island Schoolhouse
Orr’s & Bailey Islands Fire Department
Pammy’s Ice Cream Parlor
R.A. Webber & Sons Inc.
Roxanne York Real Estate
Safe Harbor Property Management
Salt Cod Cafe
Salty Dog Pet Service
Seaside Creations
Sebascodegan Artists
Silver Paw Pet Tags
The Dolphin Restaurant
The Island Candy Company
The School House 1913
The Vicarage by the Sea
Thistles & Things
Thor Construction
Town of Harpswell
Uncle Pete’s Community Market
Vegetable Corner
Webber Enterprises, Inc.
Welltree, Inc.
Wild Duck Boat Works
William Raveis Real Estate