Mission: Harpswell News is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news and information source committed to building community and enhancing the lives of local residents, businesses and organizations by providing trusted local information and covering topics of interest to Harpswell.

Format: A print newspaper to be published once a month with frequent online and social media updates. The paper will be free to residents, and paid subscriptions will be available so that summer people can continue to keep up-to-date with local news while they are in their winter homes.

Content: Will include but not be limited to educating the local population about local government coverage; area businesses; working waterfront; local residents and institutions; community service organizations; environmental issues; neighborhood events, regional and state topics that are of interest to the community.

Business structure: Harpswell News will be set up as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity; this entity will run the Anchor, its related website, and other programming in the future. The Holbrook Community Foundation has agreed to serve as a financial sponsor while not-for-profit status is being obtained, enabling us to accept tax-deductible gifts right away. To make a donation, click HERE.

Governance and staff: The organization will be overseen by a Board of Trustees that is led by an Executive Committee (composed of the President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary). The staff will include a full-time Editor, a part-time Director of Development and Operations and a part-time Administrative Assistant.

Revenue sources: Sponsorships/ads from local businesses, fundraising events, out-of-area subscriptions, grants and donations. The paper will be free to Harpswell residents.

Advertising: Mainly via sponsored content by local businesses, all in keeping with nonprofit requirements. For more information about this, click HERE.

For more information: email info@harpswellanchor.org.