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Sharing Tables to return in June

Sharing Tables to return in June

Nothing says summer more than fresh vegetables with crumbs of the garden still clinging to their roots. However, not everyone has equal access to fresh, local, organic produce.

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Protecting our dark sky

Protecting our dark sky

Harpswell is known for its iconic views of sea and shore. North, south, east or west, spin the compass and you’ll find scenes of great natural beauty all around. Well, here’s another direction to look and see something amazing. Up.

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Presidential scholar to speak at First Parish

Presidential scholar to speak at First Parish

First Parish Church, of Brunswick, invites the public to hear Andrew Rudalevige, chair of the Bowdoin College Government and Legal Studies Department, give a talk titled “Chief Executive: Presidential Policymaking in an Age of Polarization” on Sunday, April 30.

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