Author: Erin O'Mara

Never Not Amazed: Announcing the year of …

I’m disingenuous about New Year’s resolutions, so I quit making them a long time ago. In the very moment I’d vow to lose weight, exercise more, cook nutritious meals with joy, and somehow be a better person, generally or specifically, my inner voice mocked my earnest intentions and I knew I’d never follow through.

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Never Not Amazed: On gratitude

I love a magic moment. Not the cocktail or the song but the warmth, strength and connection — a fleeting and magical sense of deep peace from knowing I’m in the exact right place at the exact right time.

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Never Not Amazed: What, me worry?

Watching “Stranger Things” made me question some of my life choices and I’m worried that I managed myself out of a lucrative career. “Stranger Things” hits all the fear buttons: slimy, crawly things; a dystopian dimension; Cold War intrigue; and supernatural predators consuming minds and bodies. Kids and misfits are the heroes. It’s gory, terrifying, and redemptive.

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