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Never Not Amazed: What, me worry?

Watching “Stranger Things” made me question some of my life choices and I’m worried that I managed myself out of a lucrative career. “Stranger Things” hits all the fear buttons: slimy, crawly things; a dystopian dimension; Cold War intrigue; and supernatural predators consuming minds and bodies. Kids and misfits are the heroes. It’s gory, terrifying, and redemptive.

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Harpswell Naturalist: Insect invasion

Pete was lunching along the shore of Cobscook Bay near Lubec, enjoying a fine view. Suddenly he felt a sharp sting, then another. Pete noticed tiny red ants crawling up his legs, clearly with painful intentions. He brushed them off, wondering what triggered the attack.

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Lost on a Loop Trail: So b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

I bring a trash bag when I take my dog for walks along Cundy’s Harbor Road. Once I found a giant empty Rubbermaid trash can in the ditch. I used that moment to teach my dog situational irony. Another time I found an iPhone that, by the looks of it, had spent the entire winter in suspended animation. It turned out to be permanent suspended animation.

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Never Not Amazed: Crows and the future of flying

When I see too many birds gathered in one place, I think of Tippi Hedren in the phone booth. “The Birds” and real-life bird experiences have left a mark. I remember childhood beach days at Reid State Park. An open cooler was a beacon to seagulls and it was hard to tell if they wanted to steal my PB&J or make an appetizer of my arm.

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