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Thinking in Public: On being quiet

About every 20 minutes or so growing up, my mother would tell me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” It’s not likely that her mother had to tell her that, so I think she heard other moms use that old nugget on their kids and jumped on the wagon.

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Library Connections: Choosing your preferences

You walk into a hardware store and ask for a screwdriver. The clerk points to a small array. “Where are your cordless ones?” “We don’t have any. The standard ones are plenty good.” You’ll walk out thinking, “Well, that place was quaint, but they didn’t have many options.”

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Never Not Amazed: Announcing the year of …

I’m disingenuous about New Year’s resolutions, so I quit making them a long time ago. In the very moment I’d vow to lose weight, exercise more, cook nutritious meals with joy, and somehow be a better person, generally or specifically, my inner voice mocked my earnest intentions and I knew I’d never follow through.

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