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Please note: if you would like to submit a press release, please email it to joliver@harpswellanchor.org.

Please read: Our guidelines for press release submissions

The Harpswell Anchor welcomes the submission of press releases. The Anchor exists, in part, to disseminate information from government and nonprofits throughout the community. Press releases help the Anchor fulfill this function.
The Anchor does not, however, guarantee the publication of a press release, in whole or in part. The Anchor may condense a press release for inclusion as a calendar item or news brief, may edit a press release, and may forgo publication of a press release in any form due to considerations such as space, newsworthiness, or timing.

Nonprofit organizations will receive priority over for-profit organizations in the placement of press releases.
The submission of a photo grants the Anchor permission to publish the photo. The responsibility to obtain permission from the photographer lies with the organization or person submitting the photo.

Other guidelines:
— Submit press releases to joliver@harpswellanchor.org.
— Limit press releases to 500 words or less.
— Attach photos as full-size JPG files.
— Do not embed photos in documents or in the body of an email.
— Do not reduce the size of a photo before submission.

To ensure the publication of a message in its entirety, please consider the Anchor’s sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorships both enable a business or organization to reach every household in Harpswell and help sustain the Anchor as a news source for Harpswell. For more information about sponsorships, email janice@harpswellanchor.org.

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