There are worse places to work. (Lou Kimball photo)

When someone asks me why I work in journalism, I give a couple reasons: I love to learn and every day is different.

When someone asks me why I work at the Anchor, I likewise give a couple reasons: I want a job where I can both lead and write, and I want to help demonstrate how the nonprofit model can revitalize local news.

A few more things I appreciate about the Anchor:

I appreciate the opportunity to work with collaborative and supportive colleagues who believe in our mission, who strive for excellence, who treat each other with kindness and respect.

I appreciate the flexibility to work remotely and to work a schedule that accommodates both the Anchor’s needs and my needs as a father of two young children.

I appreciate the privilege to work in a beautiful and unique community of friendly people who support their local newspaper.

Why am I going on about all of this instead of writing about the news?

Well, the Anchor is looking for a reporter.

If this sounds like the kind of place you would like to work, check out our job listing. Share it with anyone you know who works in journalism or wants to work in journalism, and who has the background and enthusiasm to help us take the Anchor to the next level.

We want more than the right skills — we want the right person for this paper and this community. Help us find them!

J.W. Oliver

Editor, Harpswell Anchor