The Harpswell Recycling Center will offer its annual drive-thru shredding service on Saturday, Sept. 9, from 9 a.m. to noon. Free to residents, the service will be provided by Shredding On Site, of Bangor, which will have a truck parked behind the center.

Residents are encouraged to bring sensitive financial or medical papers for secure, confidential disposal. Volunteers will help residents unload their vehicles into shredding bins and recycle the bags or boxes used to carry materials.

The bins will be loaded into the truck and the papers shredded on-site. A video camera inside the truck will confirm the shredding. Shredded materials will be recycled off-site.

Items that can be shredded include paper, manila folders, hanging folders, staples, paper clips and binder clips. Materials that cannot be shredded include plastic page protectors, credit cards, glossy paper, accordion folders, rubber bands, three-ring binders, photographs and slides.