Members of Harpswell Girl Scout Troop 1263 display flags and maps from their study of countries and cultures. The girls met with exchange students from four countries.

Harpswell Girl Scout Troop 1263 has been celebrating different countries and cultures in cooperation with the Greenheart foreign exchange program.

On Jan. 23 and Feb. 6 at the Harpswell Scout Hall, the Girl Scouts met with high school students from the countries of Serbia, Jordan, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The students are living in nearby towns for the school year.

The Scouts learned where the students’ countries are located, how to identify their flags and how to speak words from their languages. The girls danced to traditional music and taste-tested cultural foods.

Learning about other countries and people in the world helps the troop achieve one of the goals of Girl Scouts, which is to connect and collaborate with other people, both locally and globally, to learn from others and expand Scouts’ horizons.