Do you have a question about Harpswell?

Maybe your question doesn’t rise to the level of “news,” exactly, but you’re curious nonetheless.

What’s the deal with that vacant building in your neighborhood?

Who’s clearing that big piece of land across the road and what are they going to do there?

Whose gargantuan yacht moored in your cove last night and where’d it come from?

What’s being grown at that new aquaculture operation on the river?

If you have a question like this, you’re in luck. We’re introducing a new feature that we’re calling “Ask the Anchor.”

Here’s how it’s going to work.

You, our readers, will email questions to The Anchor’s news staff will pick one question each month and find the answer, then publish the question and answer in the next edition.

First, a few ground rules:

No anonymous questions! We will publish your name and place of residence — Cundy’s Harbor, Bailey Island, etc. — with the question, like we do with letters to the editor.

Keep it local! Ask questions about Harpswell, or with an immediate connection to Harpswell.

Keep it manageable! Limit the scope of your question so we can answer it in a few paragraphs.

Submit questions anytime! There’s no deadline for questions, but if you’re hoping for an answer in a certain edition, ask as early in the previous month as possible.

No guarantees! If we have a flurry of questions, we will not be able to answer them all. Alternatively, if we have no suitable questions in a particular month, we will not run “Ask the Anchor.”

That’s it! We look forward to your questions. And remember, you can always submit story ideas and letters to the editor at or by email.

J.W. Oliver, Editor, Harpswell Anchor