It’s been 10 months since Harpswell’s Board of Selectmen appointed me to a vacant seat on the Maine School Administrative District 75 school board. In those 10 months, I’ve witnessed a broad range of celebratory events, such as academic achievements, curriculum and service adjustments to meet student needs, athletic excellence, and some well-deserved retirements. There’s a lot to be proud of — this district works hard for the community, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

While there’s lots more work to be done, and challenges to navigate, I’m heartened by the consistent creative thinking and solution-oriented focus of MSAD 75’s staff and board. It’s clear to me that our community, working in collaboration with the district’s board of directors, wants to set students and their families, district staff, and the community at large up for success. 

As a mother of two young kids (one currently in the MSAD 75 system and the other starting this fall), my family’s journey in the public school system is just beginning, which is why I’m running for election on March 11. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my community in this way and I hope to continue as a representative of Harpswell on MSAD 75’s board of directors.

Greta Warren, Mountain Road