Brunswick Rotary Club volunteers gather around a trailer full of garbage after a beach cleanup on May 21. From left: Everett Johnson, Fred Horch, Allison Hopkins, Ed Nolde, Corinna Goodwin, Caroly Bulliner and Don Kniseley. (SCOTT GOODWIN PHOTO)

Volunteers with the Brunswick Rotary Club cleaned up four beaches in Harpswell on May 21.

Fourteen adults and three children collected derelict lobster traps and a tire, as well as numerous bags of smaller items. They scoured beaches at Curtis Cove and Potts Point, on Harpswell Neck; and Land’s End and Mackerel Cove, on Bailey Island.

Rotarian Allison Hopkins, of Harpswell, organized the event and hopes it will become a spring tradition. She said the volunteers collected lots of fishing debris, like rope and plastic foam, as well as many face masks and plastic bags and bottles.

Activities like the cleanup help the club fulfill its commitment to environmental stewardship and build a sense of community among volunteers, Hopkins said.

Eve Abbott, 3, picks up trash with the Brunswick Rotary Club at Curtis Cove. (ZANDER ABBOTT PHOTO)