Robert McIntyre, of Harpswell Heritage Apples, tends some of the organization’s saplings.

Harpswell Heritage Apples is in its 14th year of caring for heritage apple trees in Harpswell and giving them new life through grafting. Harpswell Heritage Apples sells Harpswell varieties, such as Harpswell Firehouse, as well as heritage trees from elsewhere in Maine and New England.

This year, Harpswell Heritage Apples has a bonanza of new Harpswell trees — Orr’s-Bailey Firehouse, Sunset Cove, Danziger Kantapfel, Norton Greening and Merriman Fameuse.

Harpswell Heritage Apples offers the only full-size apple trees available locally. Commercial nursery trees are dwarf or semi-dwarf, which means they have smaller root structures and shorter lifespans.

Harpswell Heritage Apples divides all revenue, after the subtraction of its minimal costs, among Harpswell charities and public service providers. Each tree costs $85.

Harpswell Heritage Apples can also provide advice about how to bring interesting old apple trees back to vigorous life. Old-variety trees usually require only pruning and a special type of fertilizer, after which they produce good apples without spraying.

For more information, contact Robert McIntyre at 833-7870 or