From Connie Hooker, Merrymeeting Bay Triad

Kudos to Karin Soderberg for her January letter to the editor relating her experience getting “caught in a computer scam.” She is to be commended for sharing this information as a “warning so no one else experiences the fright of losing their finances and personal info to a stranger without scruples.”

There have been others who realized soon after that they had been “scammed,” but did not report it because they were embarrassed. No one should feel embarrassed! So-called “professional scammers” are usually good at what they do, and they are prevalent.

Ms. Soderberg’s timely report of this incident to her bank prevented this “scammer” from accessing her bank account. Her decision to share this information not only alerted others in the community of this scam, it also reminded us all of the need to remain vigilant about scams.

Law enforcement encourages us to be alert when anyone we do not know asks for money or personal information. If you are, or suspect you are, caught in a scam, please contact local law enforcement ASAP.