From Hannah C. Beattie, Orr’s Island:

As a mother of four children who attended school within Maine School Administrative District 75, and as a resident of Harpswell, I highly recommend and support Ryan Larsen for school board. Ryan is a father of three children, currently with one child in each school (elementary, middle and high school) within our district. He owns a home in Harpswell, has been a resident here for 11.5 years and plans for Harpswell to remain his home. Ryan is a well-respected person within his community and at work, and a father who is active and attentive to the needs of his and other children.

Ryan would be an excellent addition to the school board. Prior to deciding to run for school board, he attended school board meetings, and he continues to do so. He understands the issues and workings of the board.

Ryan believes in collaboration, strong communication, supporting teachers, and the best education for all children. He understands the factors that affect student performance and is able to help develop effective, realistic goals for improvement. Ryan knows that an effective school board member looks at school practices and curriculum adjustments that will benefit all students.

Ryan believes in offering all children within our district a quality education — an education where they can learn to the best of their abilities, where they can feel safe and supported, and within a district where students and parents know that their school board will follow the recommendations of scientists and best practices. Ryan believes strongly in the importance of upholding the code of ethics set by the board.