Thank you for including pictures from the recent production by Harpswell Community Theater in your December edition (“Harpswell Community Theater returns with pair of one-act plays,” Pages 12 and 13). Along with other community organizations, such as the Harpswell Anchor, Harpswell Community Theater serves to bind us together as a grassroots New England community.

Since not all actor names were included with the photos, I would like to provide a complete list, since this was a community effort and they should be recognized for their contributions: Capt. Williams (Al Martorelli, assistant director), Detective Dennis O’Finn (Mike Brumet, director), Miss Amantha Abernathy (Kate Willeford), Miss Elizabeth Ellsworth (June Phinney), Miss Birdie Beauregard (Shirley Bernier), Miss Nettie Norton (Donnette Goodenow), Miss Hildegarde Hodge (Sarah Cavarra), Detective Kramer (Tom Vurgason), Bernie Deviously (Chris Timm) and support (Jack Rowland).

Harpswell Community Theater will have an informational meeting on Jan. 20, in order to increase participation in future productions. Anyone wishing to be part of the company, either as a performer or in a support role, is encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Mike at

Again, thank you for helping us promote the theater. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Mike Brumet, Orr’s Island