Three town roads will benefit from more than $600,000 of work over the next few months: Basin Point Road, Grover Lane, and Gurnet Landing Road.

Crooker Construction LLC, of Topsham, will reclaim, repave and make drainage improvements to 2,200 feet of Basin Point Road, from Ash Point Road to 89 Basin Point Road; all of Grover Lane, 2,100 feet; and all of Gurnet Landing Road, 3,800 feet.

The town will borrow $650,000 from Bath Savings Institution for a 10-year term at an interest rate of 2.31%; pay Crooker Construction $592,823.80; and pay Gorrill Palmer, a South Portland engineering firm, $24,554 for construction oversight. Bath Savings and Crooker Construction submitted the low bids for the bond and construction, respectively.

Voters approved the bond as part of the annual town meeting by referendum June 8. The selectmen approved the contracts and selected the lender June 24.

Crooker Construction must finish the job by Oct. 30. Gorrill Palmer expects the work to take about 12 weeks, according to Owen C. Chaplin, an engineer and project manager with the firm.

Kevin Johnson, chair of the board of selectmen, asked that the contractor work on Basin Point Road later in the season to minimize disruption of traffic to and from the seasonal businesses on the point. “After Labor Day would be pretty good,” he said.

During the July 8 selectmen’s meeting, Town Administrator Kristi K. Eiane said the work on Grover Lane and Gurnet Landing Road would start a couple weeks after that meeting. The contractor has agreed to wait until after Labor Day to work on Basin Point Road.

The town plans to post a schedule for the construction on its website when it receives one from the contractor.