Fellow dog walkers of Harpswell, the Poo-Poo Fairy has retired and will no longer pick up your dog’s poop. She worked hard today (March 16), bagging 15 poops until she ran out of bags.

As a treat, she left the bags so you could see how many there are! She hopes each of you could pick up just one bag and put it in the nice bins the Mitchell Field stewards gave you. (The folks at Mitchell Field made this unbelievably easy for you! Imagine … two bins and free bags!)

Please don’t leave your dog’s poop for someone else to step in. All of us run and play in the fields and on the edges of the tar path — kids, dogs and other folks.

Let’s all do our part.

Bridget O’Brian, aka the tired Poo-Poo Fairy, Harpswell Neck