Thanks to The Anchor for its two summertime articles keeping alive the issue of Verizon. Citizens must now take up the cause if Harpswell is to obtain reliable 21st-century communication capability. Most importantly, unreliable cellphone use when supplemental communication is required by our emergency services needs to stop.

After extensive efforts to contact a responsible Verizon representative were unsuccessful, our treasured state representative, Jay McCreight, came through with the name of a Verizon liaison, Stephanie Lee. I have spoken with Ms. Lee on two occasions and have learned that our efforts have moved Harpswell’s poor connectivity to No. 1 on Verizon’s priority list for Maine. Ms. Lee then added a couple important points: The time required to accomplish this system enhancement can take anywhere from a few months to two years, and ongoing “pressure” on Verizon to maintain their focus on Harpswell is advisable. After all, we bumped someone from No. 1 on the priority list, and we don’t want to be bumped.

Meanwhile, Paul Kittle, of Orr’s Island, has developed a petition to Verizon, which is available for signature at Bailey Island General Store, Fishnet Cafe, Salt Cod Cafe, Sundrenched, Cook’s, The Dolphin, and Uncle Pete’s Community Market. The petition will also be at the Transfer Station on Saturday, Oct. 8, and Saturday, Oct. 15. If these sites are inconvenient, please call me or Paul at 207-833-6287 or 913-306-2974, respectively.

Ongoing pressure on Verizon is definitely needed. Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Everyone in Harpswell should sign the petition due to the negative impact upon our emergency services.
  2. Contact Stephanie Lee, the Verizon liaison:, 978-808-6155.
  3. Email our selectmen for them to get involved in this very important town issue:,,

    Dennis Wilkins, Bailey Island