A Snacks with Friends event at Mackerel Cove on June 9, 2021.


After another pandemic winter, Harpswell Aging at Home is looking forward to reconnecting with neighbors and friends at several in-person events this spring. Its two most popular activities, Lunch with Friends and Snacks with Friends, are coming back in May and June. As the weather warms, HAH is thrilled to work with the Cundy’s Harbor Community Church of the Nazarene, the town of Harpswell, and the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust as they provide venues for these community events.

Sitting together over a meal is a long-held tradition and a way for people to gather to meet, share their stories and get to know each other. Opportunities to socialize are important, no matter how old we are, and they contribute much to our emotional and physical health.

A volunteer serves appetizers during a Harpswell Aging at Home event.

Before COVID-19, Harpswell Aging at Home’s lunches were providing a way for neighbors across our town to meet and visit while enjoying a nourishing meal. When they first started, people would attend one event a month, at the venue closest to where they lived. As they grew in popularity and numbers, a group of “regulars” could be found at Lunch with Friends regardless of where they were held. It was great fun to connect with people “from the other side,” no matter which “side” you were from. Most of the lunches would attract around 80 people.

Surrey Hardcastle, who coordinates these efforts for Harpswell Aging at Home, said, “It will be so exciting to see everyone again! I think we all look forward to being together face to face, sharing good food and meeting new friends in some beautiful places in Harpswell.”

A volunteer serves guests during Lunch with Friends at Mitchell Field on Sept. 9, 2021.

With co-hosts — Elijah Kellogg Church, Orr’s Island Library, Orr’s and Bailey Islands Fire Department, Orr’s-Bailey Yacht Club, Roxanne York Realty, and The Wonderful Women of Harpswell Book Group — who will be taking care of the food at the various sites, these events promise to be full of laughter, connection and fun. If you need a ride, our partner People Plus can help. Contact them at 207-729-0757. Bring a chair, dress for the weather, encourage your friends and neighbors to come, and take part in these outdoor events.

Check the Anchor’s Community Calendar and the HAH’s Anchor advertisements for dates, times and locations.