From Kim Hughes, Harpswell Neck

My letter is to express my support for Tyler Washburn’s election to the Maine School Administrative District 75 Board of Directors.

As a grandmother of children in MSAD 75 and a taxpayer, my greatest hope is that we can separate politics from decisions that impact our children!

COVID-19 has had such a negative social, emotional and educational impact on our kids! The instability at both the superintendent’s position and the board positions have not benefited MSAD 75 either!

Tyler’s expertise and experience (nearly five years on the board and multiple district committees) and longtime civic involvement (from starting as a high school representative to being the youngest chair of the board in the district’s history) are invaluable!

Having met Tyler over the COVID-19 period at board meetings, I was impressed with his friendly, civil, eloquent passion in expressing his concerns. He is a listener and it appeared he was “a port in the storm” for many at the meetings. During a very volatile time, Tyler never wavered with his fair and friendly approach (always starting with his patent introduction of himself) while being very calm and articulate when addressing the board.

Tyler hails from Orr’s Island and I from Harpswell Neck. We both share the same passions: our community of kids and their well-being; and focusing on the needs of our kids to thrive in a socially happy environment while receiving a strong education!

Tyler is committed to his community and the children who go through the doors of the schools of MSAD 75! His energy, passion, concern and professionalism are exactly what MSAD 75 needs!

Please be thoughtful in your voting! Let’s get our kids back on track, as well as the Harpswell community!