Need another reason to believe we live in a great community? Well, here’s my Harpswell story:

My husband and I were taking our 17-foot Boston Whaler out for the season on a beautiful early October morning. We were headed to the New Meadows Marina and decided to go “the back way” through the Gurnet Strait. We had just passed under the Ewing Narrows Bridge when our boat stopped because one of our gas tanks was empty.

We tried to switch to the other tank, but despite our best efforts (including pumping the gas line ball repeatedly, adding gas to the empty tank, etc.) we couldn’t get our Yamaha outboard going again. We paddled ineffectively with a tiny canoe oar and ultimately drifted back under the bridge before tying on to a lobster buoy.

We were in the lengthy process of trying to arrange a Sea Tow to somewhere (and looking at many hours of delay) when, all of a sudden, the Harpswell harbor master’s boat appeared with its blue light flashing and Harbor Master Paul Plummer and his deputy, Greg Coyne, on board.

They immediately assessed the situation (including the fact that we were clueless) and Coyne came on board, cleared our fuel line, got the engine started and got us on our way. Plummer said that someone had called his office and reported that there appeared to be a boat in trouble by the bridge. He didn’t get the caller’s name.

We just want to thank that mystery caller and the outstanding Harpswell harbor master’s team for coming to our rescue. We are so fortunate to live in a caring community with a local government team that responds quickly in times of need!

Pam Berry, Orr’s Island