I understand that the Mitchell Field Committee is considering uses for the Administration Building at Mitchell Field if a donor will come forward to fund repairs. The administration building at Mitchell Field would be perfect for a library. It is a quiet setting with little traffic. Harpswell Neck is the only area of Harpswell that does not have its own library.

A library is more than a collection of books. Students need a quiet place to work, whether to complete their homework or further their interests. Our library could be the hub of the community in a more consistent, daily way, especially if there were meeting rooms.

The Harpswell Neck Library Association Inc. has $1,450 in an active account. The Library Association has kept its not-for-profit status with the state of Maine. We have books and computers in storage. We are still looking for a home. There is interest in a library beyond our current board. We can continue our fundraising, which was interrupted by the pandemic.

I hope that the Mitchell Field Administration Building can be considered as a location for the future library. If the building is being considered for mixed use, a small library would still be a welcome addition.

Elaine Baur, Harpswell Neck Library Association Inc.