A $2,500 grant from the Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust will support the operations of the Harpswell Anchor in 2022.

The Anchor will use the funds to carry out its mission as a nonpartisan, nonprofit news source that seeks to build community, enhance the lives of Harpswell residents, and serve local businesses and organizations with trustworthy local information.

The Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust responds to the needs of Maine communities in five areas: community and social services, medical, education, arts and culture, and environment.

Margaret E. Burnham, 1903-1994, was a lifelong resident of Falmouth and an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross during World War II. She was a generous and quiet philanthropist, a legacy that continues through the trust.

Burnham “was a polite, proper and intelligent woman with interests in history, proper English, poetry and politics,” according to the trust’s website.