Do you own or manage a business in Harpswell? The Harpswell Anchor wants to hear from you — and not just to talk about sponsorships. The Anchor welcomes sponsorships to support its operations, but encourages businesses to submit news, too.

What kind of news do we want? Well, what kind of news do you have?

Do you have a new business? We want to know about it and to share this information with our readers. Are you selling or closing your business? Our readers want to know about this, too. Are you opening or closing for the season? Give us the dates and we will include them in our Community Calendar.

Of course, we want to know what happens between your first and last days. Major hires are an example. Maybe you have a new chef to oversee your restaurant or a new broker at your real estate agency. Send us a headshot and a brief bio.

Has your business received an award or other recognition? Tell us about it. If you have a major change in hours — for example, your gift shop is now open on Sundays or your cafe now serves breakfast instead of just lunch — we want to know.

We will include this information in the News Briefs section on a space-available basis. If we receive enough submissions of this type, we may publish a column of business news.

What else do we want to know about? Special events! Is your business going to host a car show? A concert? An open house? We can include this information in the Community Calendar.

You don’t need experience in journalism or public relations to submit news about your business! Give us the who, what, where, when, why and how. Our staff can edit and format your submission to meet newspaper standards. Be sure to include contact information, in case we have questions.

To submit business news to the Anchor, email The deadline for news submissions is the 15th of each month.

Due to space limitations, the Anchor cannot guarantee placement of every submission. And information about your day-to-day operations, hours, sales, etc. should go in your advertisement.

Speaking of advertisements, we would also welcome your sponsored ad, although advertising is not a prerequisite for publishing your news. Our readers have told us that they want the paper to have a listing of local companies in the area, big and small.

We have a range of options in terms of pricing, sizes and media — we offer advertisements in both the print edition and on our website — and we can help you tailor your message to your goals or needs. We are particularly interested in increasing the number of smaller, business card-sized advertisements, and have created a new business directory for these sponsors.

We offer design services for an additional fee in order to make your ad as attractive and effective as possible. To inquire about sponsorships, email