As Harpswell Coastal Academy heads into its ninth year as a school, we want to introduce ourselves to some and reintroduce ourselves to others. While a lot has changed and improved at Harpswell Coastal Academy over the years as we have grown and matured as a school, a lot has also remained the same.

What hasn’t changed is this: We are unwaveringly committed to our students. We honor who they are, how they learn and what they want out of school and life. Students might choose to attend Harpswell Coastal Academy because of our focus on social change, entrepreneurship or the environment. They might choose us because of our small and inclusive school community. 

Whatever the reason, our students get to enjoy the beauty of Harpswell each time they ride our buses down 123 or work with Dave Hackett at the Harpswell Historical Society or do citizen science at the Curtis Farm Preserve. We consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of the Harpswell community.

As a part of Maine’s public education system, Harpswell Coastal Academy is free to all Maine residents. Give us a call to schedule a visit (833-3229)! We still have a few open spots for the coming school year and we would be honored to be your neighborhood public school.

Our middle school is here in Harpswell on the corner of Route 123 and Ash Point Road (on the way to the Dolphin); our high school is close by at Brunswick Landing (the base). We value belonging, compassion, collaboration and making a difference, and we’d love to tell you more about our journey over these past eight years, as well as what school life looks like each day at Harpswell Coastal Academy.

Scott Barksdale

Head of School, Harpswell Coastal Academy