Peg Newberg, center, checks in attendees at a meeting of the Mid-Coast Retired Educators Association.

Between them, Pat Moody and Peg Newberg have probably taught most of Harpswell’s residents. Moody was at West Harpswell School for 38 years and Newberg at Mt. Ararat Middle School for 25. Both are retired now, but they remain committed to education.

Both have served on the executive board of the Mid-Coast Retired Educators Association. Today, Newberg is treasurer of the group, while Moody co-chairs the Fundraising Committee.

The Retired Educators Association has a fundraising activity at each of its monthly meetings. The proceeds support various community projects, including a scholarship program that awards $1,000 to a senior from either Mt. Ararat, Brunswick or Morse high schools who plans to study education. Awards are made on a rotating basis.

Pat Moody supervises the organization of a cookie walk, a fundraising activity, during a meeting of the Mid-Coast Retired Educators Association.

This past spring, two scholarships were awarded because there were no applicants in 2022. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Anderson from Mt. Ararat and Alexis Cressey from Morse were the recipients. The 2024 scholarship will be awarded to a student from Brunswick High School.

The Mid-Coast Retired Educators Association invites all retired educators living in Harpswell to attend its next meeting, at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 14 at the Topsham Public Library. Maine State Archivist Kate McBrien will give a presentation titled “What Really Happened on Malaga Island?” For more information about meetings, go to