The town is conducting a brief survey about affordable housing. The 14-question survey is available online now, with a paper version to be offered soon.

“We need your opinion about the affordability of housing,” the Harpswell Affordable Housing Working Group says in an introduction to the survey on the town’s website. The survey is the latest in its series of attempts to find out “what you think about the affordability of housing in Harpswell and what the community may be able to do to address this issue,” it says.

Past efforts at outreach include a July series of listening sessions in different areas of town and an August workshop at Harpswell Community School.

The Cundy’s Harbor Library and Orr’s Island Library will help anyone who needs assistance to complete the online survey.

The Affordable Housing Working Group and planning consultant Ivy Vann are undertaking a study of the issue. The working group has been charged with making recommendations for consideration by voters at annual town meeting in March 2024.