I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently for a living history project at Harpswell Coastal Academy. I found the questions very thought-provoking and, at times, I struggled to find words and keep emotions in check. In the end I was asked what I hope the legacy of HCA is, what others can learn from the life of HCA in this community … or something along those lines. To hear my response, you will have to check out the final product these students produce.

What this interview brought to mind, and what I want to express here today, is my gratitude for all the members of this community who helped make that school a reality. You know who you are … you came to meetings, you published articles, you donated time and money, you sat on the board, you helped make events happen, etc., etc. I will never forget those days and that process. My hope is that we will always remember the number of lives that school changed.

I was relatively new to Harpswell when I got involved with that project. I look back now and find it hard to separate my understanding of this community and all of the wonderful people in it from the work it took to get that school off the ground. Thanks to everyone who shared that vision and helped make it happen. Your contributions made a big difference in the lives of many students here in Harpswell and beyond.

Joseph Grady, Harpswell Neck