First, I want to commend the Harpswell Anchor for publishing the article about the firing of the longtime librarian at the Orr’s Island Library. While I suspect that much may not be known of that situation, I’d like to present my 2 cents on the issue.

I wonder if the situation does not have a clash of cultures aspect to it. From what I know of the boards of local organizations, they tend to be made up of people who have “made it” in the wider world. As such, these folks are used to creating and focusing on goals and on how to reach them as expeditiously as possible.

The descriptions of the library portray a quiet place of books (and stuffed animals), something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. A number of people seem to want the library brought into the 21st century posthaste. Yet, such places as Ms. Rogers created have their place as well and in some ways are quite important. Having a community place where children can go and quietly learn to like books and increase their reading skills is invaluable and needs to be encouraged.

My sense is that a better solution would have been to add another staff person rather than cause such a disruption.

Brian Hirst, North Harpswell