The cover of Joann Gardner’s forthcoming book, “Heart’s Core.”

Joann Gardner, a part-time resident of Bailey Island and frequent contributor to the Harpswell Anchor, will publish a book of poems, “Heart’s Core,” in March.

The book takes readers through numerous settings, events and moods in search of a sense of belonging or home. The novelist Sheila Ortiz Taylor described the works as “poems of loss and retrieval,” offering a kind of roadmap for experience. Poet Lola Haskins said, “Gardner is so present in each of her many settings that we, as readers, can’t be anywhere but with her.”

A native of Maine, Gardner holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of York, in England, and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. She taught English and creative writing at Florida State University, where she co-founded and directed Runaway with Words, a poetry workshop for at-risk youth, and served as associate editor for Anhinga Press.

Gardner’s historical and literary essays often appear in the Harpswell Anchor. Her subjects include William Black Jr., an early settler of Bailey Island; and “The Pearl of Orr’s Island,” an 1861 novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Gardner’s family roots in Harpswell date to 1754.

Gardner has published two prize-winning poetry chapbooks and her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals. She divides her time between Bailey Island and Tallahassee, Florida.

“Heart’s Core” is being published by Finishing Line Press. Advance sales are available through Feb. 3. The publication date is March 31. To order, go to