The October issue of the Anchor included a letter from Alex Piper with a concern about property owners’ liability. His letter raises a concern about liability that is inaccurate. He states, “Property owners who let people on, for whatever reason, have significant liability exposure.” Not in Maine.

Decades ago, the Maine Legislature enacted the Maine Landowner Liability Law in response to the frequency with which people travel across property belonging to others while engaging in recreational or shellfish-harvesting pursuits.

Limited liability for recreational or harvesting activities, also known as the “recreational use statute” or Maine Landowner Liability Law, provides that as long as the landowner is not charging for the recreational use of their land, they will generally not be liable to anyone who might be injured while on the property. The intent of the law is to limit the duty that a landowner may have to keep those using their land safe.

I encourage the Anchor to work with local partners to research and distribute additional information on this important law that enables access for traditional and future uses of our common assets.

Alicia Pulsifer Heyburn, Bethel Point