The town will soon launch a new website after signing a contract with GovOffice LLC, of Minneapolis, on Sept. 15.

The town will pay GovOffice $4,900 per year for three years to build and host the new website, plus a one-time fee of $4,990 and an annual charge of $4,490 for a communications module that will allow the town to send mass emails, robocalls and text messages, either throughout Harpswell or to a specific area.

The total cost comes to $14,380 for the first year and $9,390 for each of the next two years, after which “we’ll reevaluate and decide about how to proceed,” Deputy Town Administrator Terri Lynn Gaudet said.

Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act will cover the bill for the first year. Harpswell voters approved the use of $25,000 to improve the website at the annual town meeting by referendum in April.

The select board approved the contract 3-0 on Sept. 15. The town has not set a target date for the new site’s launch.