I am voting for Brogan Teel, a new candidate for Maine Senate District 23 (Brunswick, Chebeague Island, Freeport, Harpswell, Pownal and Yarmouth). In the last six months, my wife and I have met Brogan Teel at no less than seven events affiliated with at least four different organizations. One thing that stands out is that Brogan knows the things that matter to people. As a small-business owner who engages in the community, Brogan knows the changes needed to support the people against bureaucratic agendas and narratives.

A single mom and eighth-generation Mainer, Brogan Teel understands the issues of real people. She often mentions the farmer and fisherman on the state flag. She handily discusses the challenges that the people of these iconic livelihoods face, not from nature, but from over-regulation. Additionally, Brogan says we have to do more to support law enforcement personnel. She recognizes how difficult recent years have been for so many people. We need change now.

Brogan Teel believes in solving problems by working with all people. She’s focused on what matters, to include improving education and confronting out-of-control costs. At some of the events I attended with Brogan, there were many people getting involved in the community at the grassroots level. I watched her work to understand and respect people from all walks of life, and different political viewpoints. I know that Brogan Teel can deliver the changes that we need. Vote for her on Nov. 8.

Todd Kousky, Brunswick