Town officials expect AT&T to activate its equipment on the new wireless communications tower at George J. Mitchell Field by Jan. 21.

“AT&T has put equipment up, but they’re tweaking it, which is why it is still not operational,” Town Administrator Kristi Eiane told the Board of Selectmen on Thursday, Jan. 13.

Eiane and Selectman David Chipman said they expected the equipment to be operational by the end of the following week.

“So if people are watching and you have AT&T service, it should improve on Harpswell Neck, hopefully Orr’s and Bailey as well,” Eiane said.

Eiane said that she fields many questions from people who do not understand the tower will only benefit AT&T customers unless other carriers lease space on the tower and install their own equipment. The tower can accommodate three more carriers.

“I suggest people call their carrier and say, ‘There’s a new tower in Harpswell. Will you please get on it so my service will improve?'” Eiane said. “I think that might help the situation.”

When construction of the tower started last June, owner Blue Sky Towers LLC expected AT&T to be operational by Oct. 1.