I write this on behalf of my parents, Raymond and Violet Tetreault. After they made the difficult decision to close the Vegetable Corner last September, they were deeply moved by the outpouring of love from all of you. Ray told his children he wanted to submit a letter to the Harpswell Anchor thanking all of you for your years of patronage. Ray did not get to this letter.

Ray and Vi were committed to quality food at a fair price. They worked daily with an indescribable energy. It was each of you who kept them going. The Vegetable Corner became a “gold mine” because of this community. My dad was a skilled meat cutter and my mom spent years baking and cooking for the store. Vegetable Corner employees, myself included, witnessed satisfied customers daily. It was a pleasure interacting with many kind people!

Above all, my parents gave God the utmost thanks. He blessed them with their talents and placed them on the corner of Mountain Road and Route 123. My parents have passed from this world, and this is the main message they have left. They always told their children that God made the Vegetable Corner possible.

The Vegetable Corner and Harpswell will forever be in our hearts. Each of you were a part of the joy that came to our family. We are selling the property with a heavy heart, but we will take the many memories that came from here. We look forward to seeing what will come next on the special corner that brought so much to this special town I will forever call home. Thank you all, on behalf of my mom and dad, for your years of loyal patronage. 

Mary Evitts, West Newbury, Massachusetts